This animation is composed of a series of one minute subexposures from the night of 8 november 2007. They were collected with an ST10XME camera on a 12" RCOS RC telescope mounted on an AP1200GTO mount.
The first exposure starts at 3:51:48 UT and the last exposure starts at 4:01:31 UT.
If you look closely (it helps to view the animation in a dark environment), you'll see an arc of material moving away from the comet head on the left and on the bottom.
I believe that this might be the ion tail of the comet disconnecting from the comet head that was reported by some observers. This disconnection is caused by the magnetic interaction of the solar wind with the ion tail.
Even though this animation only encompasses 10 minutes of real time, the downward movement of the comet head can be readily discerned against the static background of stars.
The black speck at the lower left is a moving piece of crud on the camera and should be ignored.