NGC 7822 in Ha

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 2004 x 1336 pixel image
 4008 x 2672 pixel image (1.1 meg)
Description: This large area of extended nebulosity consists of a large horizontal arc at the bottom known as NGC 7822 and the bright area at the top known as Cederblad 214. This whole area is very bright in the infrared because of massive, new stars heating the gas and dust clouds. Click here to see the cometary globules in CED 214.
Constellation: Cepheus
Distance: 2,750 light years
Apparent Size: Approximately 20' x 90' for NGC 7822 and 55' x 40' for CED 214
Date: 6 december 2005
Equipment: FSQ @ f/5, STL 11000XM, MI-250
Exposure: 3.5 hours 6nm Ha (Astrodon)