M 57 in Narrowband

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Description: M 57, The Ring Nebula, was created when the old, hot central star started repeatedly blowing off its outer layers. Calculations show that the Ring is one light year across and started forming about 6,000-8,000 years ago. The central star produces strong ultraviolet radiation which is causing the gases in the nebula to fluoresce. It is believed that these fluorescing ejecta have formed a tube-shaped structure and we are seeing this from an end-of-the-tube perspective. The small, irregular spiral galaxy in this image is IC 1296.
This image is shown using the CFHT (Canada France Hawaii Telescope) palette to enhance the 'rose-like' appearance of this nebula. Another image of M57 in RGB is available on this website.
Constellation: Lyra
Distance: 2 thousand light years
Apparent Size: 10 x 10 arcminutes
Date: 4, 5, 22-24, 30 may 2007
Equipment: 12" RC @ f/9, ST10XME, AP1200
Exposure: Ha: 14 hours (Red)

OIII: 1.5 hours (Green)

SII: 5 hours (Blue) All Astrodons, unbinned