IC 2162, '07

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Description: Although IC 2162 is the brightest, most prominent object in this field, five Sharpless objects can be identified in this image. This is an active star forming region of mostly young, low mass, pre-main sequence stars. Sh2-255 is a strong IR source, indicating its stars are probably the youngest of this group. Sh2-255 and Sh2-257 are lobes of a bipolar HII region. Sh2-255 is very similar to The Trifid Nebula (M 20), both in appearance and characteristics. An earlier test exposure can be seen on this website.
Constellation: Orion (near Gemini)
Distance: 2.5 kpc
Field of View: About 12'
Dates: 26 january '06, 29 december '06, 18 january '07, 6 february '07
Equipment: 12" RCOS RC, AP1200, ST10XME
Exposure: HaRGB: 1.5--3--2--2.5 hours, Astrodons unbinned