IC 1805 in Ha

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 1300 x 1900 pixel, largest image (1.5 meg)
Description:    This area is most frequently known as 'The Heart Nebula', but is also called 'The Valentine Nebula' or 'The Running Dog Nebula'. It is one of the richest known populations of young stars of 2 to 8 Solar masses. The bright area to the upper right, NGC 896, was the first discovered and named part of this nebulosity. A close-up view of NGC 896 is available on this web site.
   The large central cavity in this nebula has been carved out by the cluster of stars in the middle know as Melotte 15.
Constellation: Cassiopeia
Distance: Most cited distances are 6,000-7,500 light years
Apparent Size: 60'
Date: 13 december 2005
Equipment: FSQ @ f/5, STL 11000XM, MI-250
Exposure: 4 hours 6nm Ha (Astrodon)