NGC 6555

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Description: Discovered by Friedrich Herschel in 1799, the largest galaxy in this image is NGC 6555. The small spiral galaxy to the left may be LEDA 3090410. An image of NGC 6555 by the Digitized Sky Survey may be seen here. As Rudnick and Rix observed in their paper on lopsidedness in galaxies: "Just as a human face may mirror traumatic events in its past, so may a galaxy’s structure reflect its dynamical history". NGC 6555 has a minor/major axis ratio of 0.78, indicative of a traumatic encounter in its past.
Constellation: Hercules
Apparent Size: 2' x 1.5'
Dates: 11 & 21 march and 9, 10, 20, 24 april 2007
Equipment: 12' RCOS RC @ f/9, AP1200, ST10XME
Exposure: LRGB: 1--4.25--3.75--3.25 hours, Astrodons, unbinned
Note: NGC 6555 has rarely been imaged. This is the only color image of it that I'm aware of.