NGC 2403

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 Largest Image, with the site of the supernova identified

Description: This spiral galaxy is part of the M 81 group. It has a small central nucleus and prominent HII regions (the pink areas in the above image). Although NGC 2403 is known as an 'effervescent' galaxy because it has a lot of active star formation, it was the site of a spectacular death of a star in 2004. This supernova was the closest and brightest in over a decade.
Constellation: Camelopardalis
Distance: ~12 million light years
Apparent Size: 17.8' x 11'
Dates: 20,24 november 2006
Equipment: AP155 @ f/7, AP1200, ST10XME
Exposure: RGB: 135-75-105 minutes, Astrodons, unbinned