Hickson 44

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Description: Hickson 44 is a galaxy group which is thought to be gravitationally bound. Three of the four members of this group are visible in this image. Just below center is NGC 3190, an edge-on spiral with prominent dust lanes. To the upper left and just below the bright star is NGC 3193, an elliptical galaxy. If you look closely, you can see a hazy bridge of material that is connecting the two galaxies. NGC 3187 is the spiral to the upper right featuring a strong central bar and arms distorted from a previous encounter. In 2002, NGC 3190 hosted two supernovae, a rare event.
Constellation: Leo
Distance: 60 million light years
Dates: 22,25 december 2006 and 18 january 2007
Equipment: 12"RC @ f/9, AP1200, ST10XME
Exposure: RGB: 4-3.3-4 hours Astrodons, unbinned