NGC 1491

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Description: This is an ionized hydrogen region that features a 'blister' nebula, the bubble in the bright portion of this image. The pillars at the bottom of the bright portion of this image point toward this bubble. The bright star in the middle of this bubble is responsible for blowing this bubble. Its stellar winds have formed the aforementioned pillars and cleared the cavity about the star. Click here to see this star, and the outline of the bubble it has blown.
Constellation: Perseus
Distance: 11,000 light years
Apparent Size: 6' x 9'
Date: 1 october 2005
Equipment: 12" RC, ST10XME, AP1200
Exposure: HaRGB

Ha: 3 hours 6nm (Astrodon)

RGB: 45 minutes each, binned 2x2